Is print dead?

Print isn’t dead, but due to the age of digital, it’s changing…

The reality is that the role of print has changed from competing with digital for budget advertising to instead a distinct, personal and luxurious option. This can be explained by the fact that we are bombarded by constant digital advertising in our daily lives, whether it be Facebook ads, in-app advertising on our smartphones, or e-newsletters. We are constantly being hit by digital marketing messages.

Quite simply, the internet does fast, cheap distribution of throwaway information much, much better than print does. However, the opportunity for the print industry has been to use its tangibility to grab this attention that digital is losing. The pure nature of high-quality print design means that it stands out much more from the digital messages and is valued, with the result that customers remember the message it is communicating.

The debate over print versus digital continues and will always continue in every industry and organisation.The experience of print far outweighs the delivery platform or digital – Custom designed printed materials, in particular, captivate the eyes and hearts of any audience. While features such as unique inks, foiling techniques,  folds and textures help brands deliver positive, engaging and powerful print designs that increase a companies promotional efforts.

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