Why Design is Important in Business

When you are a business owner, there are many things to think about that could be a cause of concerns. So much so that you might be tempted to ignore the need for graphic design services. However, graphic design (that is well done) is an important factor when establishing and maintaining a successful business. Below is 4 reasons why.

Brand Recognition

Your Businesses brand identity starts with a great logo but also expands to other aspect of your company. The logo design needs to target your audience whilst being not only functional but attractive, and professional as well. To obtain this you need excellent graphic design to forge that kind of connection between your target audience and your business.

Your Business will look Professional

When it comes to wowing potential clients you want your businesses to make a great first impression. Your branding only has a fraction of a second to make a great first impression. If your graphic design looks cheap this will cast an unfavourable light on your business, whilst giving the impression that your company cannot afford a professional designer.


To put it simply bad graphic design can and will be very expensive in the long run. By using cheap design, you could end up with a poor quality product that is not ready for print or for the Internet. This will result in you ending up spending even more money on a new design. The amount of clients that come to me after using cheap designers to put things right is ridiculously high. Your best bet – just use a professional designer from the start, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.


Graphic design extends beyond your logo and website. Graphic design produces a visual aid that will help you communicate your ideas, this is otherwise known as visual communication – an image which transmit ideas that cannot be expressed with words alone.

If you have questions or need help with your graphic design drop me an email athello@uttercreatives.co.uk or visit my website here.

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